How to submit MCQs

How to Submit MCQ's

Follow the steps below or Watch the video for better understanding.

  1. Login to your account or register yourself if you don’t have any account. Its very simple process.
  2. Enter MCQs Title in the given input fied.
  3. Write 4 possible options ( write 1 option per line ) and Bold the correct option by clicking “B” Button on at the top of the input field. Each option should start with following pattern. Example:
    (A) Option 1
    (B) Right Option 
    (C) Option 3
    (D) Option 4
  4. Write some detailed information about MCQs if there is any. Otherwise just copy the MCQs options or write “N/A” in the input field.
  5. Select a Most relevant category.
  6. Click the “Submit” button. Congratulations! you have successfully submitted. 
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